Case study

  • Date:
    April 2024
  • Category:
    High most compelling priority rating


C, a family member of the applicant (A), asked for an independent review of the council’s decision on their community care grant application. A applied for a cooker and fridge freezer after they were moved to a tenancy better suited to their mobility needs. 

The council assessed that the fridge freezer met the high most compelling priority but as A had access to a microwave, a cooker did not meet the relevant priority. The council tried to make arrangements to deliver the fridge freezer, but as these contact attempts failed, this item was withdrawn. 

We received the council’s file and contacted C for more information. C explained that A was unable to eat nutritious meals prepared using a microwave, and that they still wanted the fridge freezer. 

We assessed the council’s decision and concluded that

  • withdrawal of the fridge freezer was not supported by the guidance. This was because it was still within the 28 day collection window specified in the guidance, but
  • the council’s decision about the cooker was supported by the guidance, as the cooker did not meet the high most compelling priority. We acknowledged that a microwave would limit A’s ability to prepare a range of nutritious foods, but did not anticipate that the absence of a cooker would have an immediate and significantly adverse effect on their wellbeing. 

We instructed the council to fulfil the award of the fridge freezer, and provided feedback on why we disagreed with their decision which they were late in issuing.

Updated: April 17, 2024