Case study

  • Date:
    April 2024
  • Category:
    High most compelling priority rating


C asked for an independent review of the council's decision on their community care grant application. C requested several items to set up their new tenancy. They had moved to the area following a period of homelessness in a different council area. 

The council initially declined the application as the applicant was not on a low income at the time of the application. At first tier review, they established the applicant was no longer working. They assessed that C was therefore eligible and qualified for a grant under the 'exceptional pressure' criterion. The council assessed that a single bed and cooker met their rating of 'high most compelling', and declined the remaining items. 

We reviewed the council's file and corresponded with C and their GP. 

We assessed that

  • C's health issues increased the priority need for a double bed and a washing machine to 'high most compelling'. C had chronic pain from a chest issue, which their GP verified could be more easily managed by having a double bed. The GP also verified that C had incontinence that required use of a washing machine in their home, and
  • in considering the application, the council could have made further enquiries with C about the impact of their health issues prior to carrying out their priority assessment.

We also noted that the timescales were not met at the original decision stage.

Updated: April 17, 2024