Case study

  • Date:
    April 2023
  • Category:
    Insufficient enquiries made


C’s representative asked for an independent review of the council’s decision. They had applied for a community care grant for a fridge freezer, cooker and washing machine. They explained that C is a refugee who is under the care of social work. C is in full time education and their housing costs are funded by social work. They had recently secured their own tenancy after being in temporary accommodation that had shared facilities and now required whitegoods of their own.

The council asked C to evidence they had ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in terms of their immigration status, and for information about their income. They received no response and refused the grant stating that C was not eligible. At first tier review, C explained they were under the care of social work and provided contact details for their worker who could verify their circumstances. The council emailed C again and they received no response. They declined that application again stating that C was not eligible for a grant.

We reviewed the council’s case file and contacted C's representative for further information. They explained that C has refugee status and is under the care of social work. We contacted C’s social worker who confirmed that C is not in receipt of benefits, their housing costs are paid by social work, and C receives a weekly living allowance of £101.00. We assessed that C met the eligibility criteria for a grant as the guidance is clear that refuges can access the Scottish Welfare Fund. We also determined that C was in receipt of a low income, and met the remaining conditions for an award. We changed the council’s decision as we assessed that they had not made sufficient enquiries.

Updated: April 18, 2023